SETSS ServicesSpecial Education Teacher Support Services

Every child with an IEP (Individualized Education Program) is entitled to receive continued services from ages 5 through 21. We actively guide parents and teachers through the referral process, ensuring the child receives the necessary services.

Upon granting us the right of representation, our in-house professional legal team initiates the filing of an impartial hearing on behalf of the child's parents. Our ultimate goal is to secure the maximum services and support, provided by qualified professionals, ensuring the child continues to make progress in the classroom. This referral-driven collaboration ensures a tailored and effective strategy for each child's educational journey

Why give us the right to represent you in court?

Near Guaranteed Placement

Special Edge achieves a 95% success rate in case placement through our referral-driven approach, ensuring tailored solutions for each child's unique needs.

Professional Representation

We have an in-house professional legal team with many years of experience advocating on behalf of our clients.


We will take care of everything for you, from filing for an impartial hearing to ensuring your child receives the best provider.