At Discovered,
Every child is valued

Every child is an individual with unique abilities,
sensitivities, and needs

And that's why, at Discovered, every child receives


At the heart of our mission is the facilitation of precisely tailored referrals. By connecting families with a network of comprehensive support, we aim to empower every child and their family, ensuring a thriving and supportive environment for their unique needs.


Our team of highly qualified individuals, many with over 40 years of experience supporting children and families, is dedicated to researching and implementing optimal solutions. Through our robust referral network, we connect families with the best available options to support and empower every child.


We hold a profound commitment to the principles outlined in the No Child Left Behind Act, taking our responsibility seriously. Our efforts involve working tirelessly to connect every child with an extensive range of services through our robust referral network, ensuring they are provided with the optimal support for their highest chance of success.

No Child Left Behind.
Every Parent Served Right.

In 2001, Congress enacted the No Child Left Behind Act, a landmark commitment to ensuring that every child, including those who are disadvantaged or require additional support, receives the assistance needed for academic and social success. Over the years, state and local authorities have allocated additional funding and services to advance these crucial objectives.

DISCOVERED assumes the role of a dedicated facilitator, ensuring that families in the community can access the maximum funding and support through our comprehensive referral services, tailored to meet the unique needs of your child.


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